The RESERVIN Collective, our love letter to the Mediterranean

Since ancient times, the Mediterranean has been an essential region for wine production where
Tunisia, Italy, France and Lebanon give some of the best wines in the world.

Vine cultivation and wine production are still closely linked to our culture and history and continue to be an important source of income and pride for our local communities.

RESERVIN is a quality brand based on a participatory approach of sustainable viticulture through the implementation of technical and organizational solutions that preserve the virtuous practices of viticulture around the Mediterranean.

The history of RESERVIN is unique: four countries in the Mediterranean basin have come together to produce quality wines exclusively from protected areas.

With the support of the European Union, our collective aims to perpetuate the commitment of our countries in the production of quality wines and to offer the world a new range enriched by our oenological and viticultural experiences.

RESERVIN highlights wines produced in the protected areas of the Mediterranean, through a common brand for wines produced in the following regions:

RESERVIN offers you a unique experience of a journey through Mediterranean wines, an exclusive, enriching and enchanting experience.

Each of us, wine makers, promises a wine with a distinct, warm, friendly personality, respectful of the values of Mediterranean cooperation. We are committed to protecting our fragile ecosystem, to respecting the environment. Our social and cultural consciousness reflects the vision of the future Mediterranean landscape of vines and wines.

A symbol of quality, RESERVIN is imbued with the pride of the founders of the history and wine culture of the Mediterranean.

At its heart, RESERVIN is our love letter to the Mediterranean. It is a mediation of sustainable human practices, an invitation to celebrate our collective future.

Our RESERVIN wines invite you to give free rein to your imagination: in each sip we discern a symbol of our Mediterranean specificity that reconciles ancient cultures and modern times.

As you uncork a bottle of RESERVIN, remember that your purchase is an act of love and emotion, one that manages to unite humanity, the environment and our cultural heritage. 

Reservin est une marque créée et développée par le projet « B_A.1.2_0126_OENOMED Qualification et Promotion des filières viti-vinicoles des Aires Protégées de la Méditerranée », acronyme OENOMED, cofinancé par l’UE à travers le programme IEV CTF Med.Budget total 2,7 millions d’euros, financement de l’UE 2,5 millions d’euros, et cofinancement de 10%.Cette publication a été réalisée avec le soutien financier de l’Union Européenne dans le cadre du programme IEV CTF Med. Son contenu relève de la seule responsabilité de la CNSPBA-UTICA, Chef-de-file du projet, et ne peut en aucun cas être considéré comme reflétant la position de l’UE ou des structures de gestion du programme.